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Displays information about installed bluetooth adapter. Output format can be customized.


    btinfo [-n] [-a] [-t] [-s] [-b] [-m] [-d] [-c] [-f{FormatString}]

     -n  Print friendly name
     -a  Print bluetooth address
     -t  Print class-of-device (CoD)
     -s  Print subversion
     -b  Print manufacturer name (decoded from bluetooth address)
     -m  Print chip namufacturer name
     -d  Print discovery state
     -c  Print connectable state
     -f  Print information using provided format string.
     -h  Print help screen.

     When run without switches full local radio information is printed.

     The -f switch supports the following format specifiers:

       %n% - friendly name
       %a% - bluetooth address
       %t% - class-of-device (CoD)
       %s% - subversion
       %b% - manufacturer name
       %m% - chip namufacturer name
       %d% - discovery state
       %c% - connectable state
       \n  - new line
       \t  - tab
       \\  - backslash
       All other characters are displayed as-is.

btinfo maintains the ERRORLEVEL environment variable. Zero means successful execution, any other value - error. Detailed error description is printed to the standard error output.

Download and install

btinfo is a part of Bluetooth command line tools suite.

Download setup package from the Bluetooth command line tools home page

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