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Exchanges files with remote bluetooth device using OBEX file transfer profile


    btftp {-bBluetoothAddress | -nFriendlyName} [-cChannel] [-pPIN [-e]] 
          [-dRemoteFolder] [-a{get|put|list|delete}] file1 file2 ... 

     -b  Bluetooth address of target device in (XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX) format. 
     -n  Friendly name of target device.
     -c  RFCOMM channel (1-30). If specified, service lookup is not performed. 
     -a  Action to be performed. 
     -p  PIN code for authenticating with remote device.
     -e  Use encrypted connection (only if PIN authentication is used)
     -h  Prints this help screen.

    1. Using OBEX FTP profile usually requires authentification. Use -p switch with a PIN code or pair 
       the remote device before using btftp.
    2. Wildcards in remote file specifications are not supported in the current release of btftp.


    1. List contents of root folder of the device named "Nokia 6630" :

	    btftp -n"Nokia 6630" -alist

    2. Get the file "e:\images\img001.jpg" from the device named "Nokia 6630" :

	    btftp -n"Nokia 6630" -aget -d"e:\images" img001.jpg

    2. Copy all text files from the current folder to the "e:\data" folder of the remote device with known address : 

            btftp -b(11:11:22:22:33:33) -aput -d"e:\data" *.txt

btftp maintains the ERRORLEVEL environment variable. Zero means successful execution, any other value - error. Detailed error description is printed to the standard error output.

Download and install

btftp is a part of Bluetooth command line tools suite.

Download setup package from the Bluetooth command line tools home page

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