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Modifies friendly name and class-of-device (desktop, laptop, server) of the local bluetooth radio. Turns discovery on or off. Ebables or disables incoming bluetooth connections.


    btconfig [-n[NewName]] [-t[desktop|server|laptop]] [-d{0|1}] [-c{0|1}] [-a{0|1}] [-i{0|1}]

     -n  Changes fiendly name of the local bluetooth radio.
         Resets friendly name to default(computer name) if NewName is not provided.
     -t  Changes class-of-device (CoD) for the local bluetooth radio. 
         Valid values are "desktop", "server" or "laptop".
     -d  Turns discovery on or off. if necessary makes local radio connectable.
     -c  Changes connectable state of local bluetooth radio. Discovery is turned
         off when incoming connections are disabled.
     -i  Enables or disables bluetooth icon in the windows notification area.
     -a  Enables or disables alerts when a remote Bluetooth device wants to connect.		 
     -h  Prints help screen.

     Notes: -n and -t switches require administrative privileges.
            -d1 and -c0 are mutually exclusive.

btconfig maintains the ERRORLEVEL environment variable. Zero means successful execution, any other value - error. Detailed error description is printed to the standard error output.

Download and install

btconfig is a part of Bluetooth command line tools suite.

Download setup package from the Bluetooth command line tools home page

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