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Performs pairing and unpairing of Bluetooth LE devices.

    blepair [-u] [-p PIN] [-c ConfirmOnly|DisplayPin|ProvidePin|ConfirmPinMatch] [-m N|E|EA] {-b ADDRESS | -n NAME | -a ALIAS}

      -u,  --unpair  (Unpair ble device)
      -p,  --pin <PIN>  (Pin.)
      -c,  --ceremony <ConfirmOnly|DisplayPin|ProvidePin|ConfirmPinMatch>  (accepted multiple times)  (Ceremony to use)
      -m,  --protection <N|E|EA>  (MITM protection level)
      -a,  --alias <ALIAS>  (Alias of the Bluetooth device. See notes below)
      -n,  --name <NAME>  (Name of the Bluetooth device)
      -b,  --btaddress <ADDRESS>  (Bluetooth address of the device)
      -v,  --verbose  (Output debug information)
      --,  --ignore_rest  (Ignores the rest of the labeled arguments following this flag)
      --version  (Displays version information and exits)
      -h,  --help  (Displays usage information and exits)

    1. Device alias is a convinient way to specify bluetooth device to pair with.  
       Read more about Bluetooth aliases in LE command tools.
    2. MITM protection levels: N - None, E - Encryption, A - Authentication, EA - Encryption and Authentication. 
    3. If no pairing ceremony specified, ConfirmOnly (Just Works) is used.

Download and install

btpair is a part of Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) command line tools suite.

Download setup package from the Bluetooth LE command line tools home page

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